Jaime’s yoga journey began in 2014, while he was living in Argentina. Captivated by the encompassing sense of physical and mental awareness process of yoga. Immediately, Jaime went full practicing nearly everyday. In 2015 he completed his Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training.

There is nothing Jaime loves more than being able to share the art of yoga with others.  He aims for parallel strengthening of both the mind and body, helping his students to encourage one-pointed focus and awareness of what is going on internally. Emphasising on longer holds combined with fluid movement and breath work.

Jaime wants his students to feel empowered to switch off their auto-pilot and practice in a more mindful and present way, while also having a laugh and not taking things too seriously.

Currently based in Oslo, Norway - Jaime’s classes are an explosion of mood booster music, sweat, playfulness and energy, that will open your heart and leave you overflowing with bliss.

Wellness Habitat: Crossfit Oslo, Crossfit Yggdrasil, Artesia Spa, Cama Yoga and running around The Vigelandsparken, Oslo.