Crossfit Oslo

"YOGA WOD" - Saturday kl 13:00 - 14:30 x Yoga 123

YOGA WOD is a program designed to take you to the brink of your ability and teach you how to go even further. I took everything I've been teaching these months and made it better. This complete Yoga practice will maximize the development of your strength, breathing, flexibility and endurance.

What is Yoga Wod?

The class is divided in two parts, (1) Places emphasis on your back strength and stability, core and backbends, hip flexors, psoas, legs and inner thighs. Focus on your side body and core. Expect to push the limit of your plank pose, Chaturanga as well as your hip flexors and squads. 

(2) You will spend the last 20 minutes of the class with a faster and more dynamic flow, that will really energize you and increase your heart rate. Then you will take it to the wall to challenge yourself in new ways to build strength, stability and endurance.  Foundations (arm balance, side arm balance, forearm stand, handstand, etc), stretching and a long meditation. No inversion experience is required.

Kumbhaka & Viloma Pranayama 

In both classes we will discuss and practice the amazing benefits of Kumbhaka or “breath retention” breathing. We’ll also cover Viloma, which is a “stacked” breathing technique that comes in three different types.