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Is this yoga class the key to nail your next WOD? ... Part I

Is this yoga class the key to nail your next WOD? ... Part I


This summer I've been traveling non stop.  I've seen so many magnificent things, so many places, new friends, beaches ... I've had the pleasure of going back to my beautiful Buenos Aires and meet my amazing friends ... I've found beauty everywhere I looked;  I've laughed and I've lived. But a few days ago I looked back at this blog and I felt sad. 

I thought about all the excitement I've put into it to create it, and how long a go since I posted something; I felt a bit triste. So I decided to water this "digital plant" again, to give it life, to give it more love and fill it with new stories. And what a better way to do it than to write about my new class at Crossfit Oslo: YOGA WOD.

YOGA WOD is a program designed to maximize the development of your strength, breathing, flexibility and endurance. At this point you will probably wondering "how"? Or you already tried the class and didn't get the point of why so many planks? Well... here comes the take-home lesson:  

Understanding strength basic like straight arms scapulars, muscle recruitment, muscle engagement, core strength, wrist health, core stability and body alignment are very important for a nice foundation practice.

When we want to start understand foundation practice in Yoga, we need to know how the shoulderblades work, we refer to this usually as straight
arms scapular strength (SASS) – or the muscles that goes around to support our shoulder blades. The shoulder blades are responsable for all the movement through our arms. In Yoga it is a lot of pushing, so the class focus on be able to activate this muscles to support them and work into that pushing action is fundamental. 

We do this every time we take a yoga class from downward facing dog, plank pose, Chaturanga to headstand, forearm stand, handstand etc.

We work with these movements
, so you can actually build strength and prepare for handstand or arm balances. I believe that every pose has a purpose and the purpose of plank is to recruit and to understand strength. You will often hear me saying: "Grab the triceps back, squeeze the forearms towards each other, press firmly into the radius joint, press your chest and lift the center of your heart up, tuck the tailbone and engage the core even flex into the butt."

Everything is pressing away. At this point all your strength is recruited and all these small group of muscles, that we normally don't use, are
consolidated working together and evolving your endurance, resistance and strength. So the more you practice this pose the stronger this group of muscles become, and this is something you should add into your practice.

These shoulder movements will also help you with overhead exercises like: handstand push ups, snatches, overhead squats, overhead presses, jerks, etc ... Imagine that!

One more important thing about this practice and about general muscle care: The wrists.  First of all  the wrist are not meant to support weight, but that doesn't mean that they can not support weight, the more that we work into it, the more that we put the wrist underneath stress the more that the bones build up and the stronger that they get. 

There are two things happening inside the bones that are responsable for bone density, one of them is called: osteoclast and the other one its called osteoblast. Osteoblasts and osteoclasts are types of cells the human body uses to repair broken bones. Osteoclasts break down old bone tissue allowing osteoblasts to replace it with new material. So the goal of warming up the wrist is to stimulate osteoblast to create more bone density. There are a couple of things you need to understand with the wrist when it comes to make it sore, one is: where you putt the weight into the wrist. The radius join located between your thumb and index finger. 

The rest of the class is something I called "fluid soul", a vigorous routine that get you deeply embodied and profoundly present. I've borrowed some movements from Tai Chi and Jivamukti yoga mixed with what my body asks for at that time, and of course the music influences a lot. Let's say I let myself go and get some crazy and spontaneous movements to spice up the class ... talking of spice things. 3 minutes of wall handstand meditation at the end is the cherry on the cake ...not to mention balm to your inner organs!

Our goal at CrossFit Oslo is to offer you unique training experiences, wheather it be a strong CrossFit Class-, mobility, endurance, gymnastics or yogaclass. We want you to become the best version of your self!  I hope to see you in my YOGA WODs on Saturdays.

In my next post we will discuss the amazing benefits of Kumbhaka or "breath retention" breathing. We will also cover Viloma, which is a "stacked" breathing technique that comes in three different types. We will talk about each type here.



Class soundtrack: Jazzmus - Summervibes. 

Is this yoga class the key to nail your next WOD? ... Part II

Is this yoga class the key to nail your next WOD? ... Part II

In Oslo, this Summer is Jivamukti with Camilla season.

In Oslo, this Summer is Jivamukti with Camilla season.